Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Archdiocese of Vancouver Supports Cardinal's Dubia

After several conflicting reports,rumours,Twitter & Facebook posts the BC Catholic, (Official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Vancouver), has published over the past few issues, true support for traditional marriage. It is no secret that the Archdiocese of Vancouver is a conservative Diocese, considering we live in the granola police capital of Canada, it's a good thing. Are there problems here?...of course, but we have it pretty good.

The BC Catholic newspaper has, I believed redeemed itself with it's last several issues in regards to the AL crisis in the Church. Good for them, Good for the BC Catholic newspaper. I am including a few links and quotes from articles to demonstrate where FAITHFUL Catholics stand.

I do not agree with everything Msgr.Pedro Lopez-Gallo writes but it can be said, He is not a coward. Msgr. has seen many things in his life and I am happy that he is speaking clearly...the truth, when Catholics ask. That is all we ask.


From the article “The Dignity of Marriage Crumbles Before Adultery”

“But such a declaration by the Maltese bishops is CONTRARY and OPPOSED to the traditional Catholic teaching that living in adultery is to be in MORTAL SIN, that five elements are necessary to make a good confession, and to receive Communion one must be in a STATE OF GRACE."

"Document not in line with teachings of previous Popes
by Msgr. Pedro Lopez-Gallo “

"Many Catholics report being troubled as they ponder Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love).I too was disconcerted when it was published in March 2016”
“It is hard to believe the Pope’s response to the questions of the four Cardinals was absolute silence. And now, out of the blue, the long period of silence has been broken with the publication of the guidelines of Malta’s bishops, WHO ALLOWED THEIR DIVORCED AND CIVILLY REMARRIED FAITHFUL TO RECEIVE COMMUNION.”
*(Actually they can’t be faithful if this is the case but….meh you get the point)*

“Pope Benedict XVI condemned CLEARLY and finally the theory of the INTERNAL FORUM, and I an unnerved not so much by the commentaries of the bishops, BUT BY THE ATTITUDE OF THE HOLY FATHER, WHO APPEARS TO BE ENCOURAGING BISHOPS TO MODIFY THE THEOLOGY OF SIN AND CONFESSION."


Gregory Hartnell said...

Does Monsignor really speak for the whole of the Archdiocese of Vancouver?

He has a regular column in the B. C. Catholic weekly, but to suggest, as the title of your article does, that the 'Archdiocese of Vancouver supports Cardinal's [sic] Dubia,' seems to be a bit of a stretch.

When Archbishop Miller gets around to writing about this problem in a coherent manner, we can then celebrate the upholding of truth and tradition in Van.

Gregory Hartnell
Victoria, Vancouver Island
British Columbia, Canada

Momentum Veritatis said...

Thank you for your comment. I understand what you are saying ...but...when the Pope opens his mouth....does he speak for ALL Catholic's?...of course not...when your parish priest speaks...does he speak for the whole can tell you this...I support the Cardinal's Dubia and I am in the Archdiocese of Vancouver and I know many people who are in the same boat. Yes...I do know that there are others...priests in fact who are open Heretics in this diocese...but they do not speak for me or this diocese. Hopefully this article will draw attention to the issue...don't you think? I suppose I could write about +Miller and his concern for the DRUG OVERDOSE problem in Vancouver...but the secular media already has covered that. The BC Catholic newspaper also published an article by Weigel , the paper serves in the capacity of L'Osservato Romano so to speak. Monsignor Gallo sits on the tribunal and I believe (unfortunately) that these articles might be as good as it gets.

I do thank you for your concern with the title and where in the article does the Archbishop say "I SUPPORT THE DUBIA". But in this post V2 era I am happy with little scraps sometimes.

Pax Christi