Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dialogue Means Changing Our Ideas

This video was released a little over a month ago but I am just getting to it now. For years the Archdiocese has refused to believe that they need help in the communications/media department.

The video is part of the "Together In Christ" program sponsored by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Archbishop Miller in the video states:
(video is only 5 min)

"Dialogue means entering into a new kind of trust relationship, avoiding sort of the hostile language that has sometimes been used, gone are the epitaphs that centuries ago were hurled and instead we are not only learning from each other but we're changing our ideas"

"...opens us up to the willingness to be transformed by the dialogue, so that while participants are sharing...they're not just declaiming or debating they're in fact open to being changed"

"Faith active in love, wish they'd thought of that in the 16th century"

Look at how they embarrass themselves. I am so embarrassed. What amateur in the Archdiocese of Vancouver put Archbishop Miller up to this? Who approved this rambling love fest kiss up job video?   The RCAV should take this down, it is embarrassing.

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I lasted 72 seconds into the video. Then, at risk of puking, I had to stop.

Momentum Veritatis said...

Smart move.
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