Sunday, March 13, 2011


Roger Scruton wrote and produced a BBC program on beauty. This was a fascinating and descriptive film that really captured my heart. I really felt that Scruton said everything that I have ever wanted to say about the current situation with art and the outlook most secularists have when it comes to something discussing what is art and the value of beauty.
Although I believe my philosophy has not changed per se, but Scruton has definitely fueled my fire and reiterated how important it is to pass on the good the true and the beautiful to the younger generation. When I was young I never gave much credit to my teachers and sometimes I never even showed them respect. Only through the grace of God have I been able to achieve a better understanding of how valuable a great education and great educators can be.

Catholic thought is different at least it should be. Therefore a Catholic educator should have a completely different philosophy towards education than one who is strictly secular. This applies for Catholic educators teaching in secular institutions as well. A Catholic must always remember that his/her faith must exude from the front of the classroom.
In the 20th century art was made to disturb and break the moral taboo and ever since the enlightenment the secular (sometimes Catholic) institutions have been enforcing a God less purely scientific method of education. If it can’t be proven in a lab it isn’t true and has no place in our education system is the mantra of our time.
Can an education be beautiful? Of course, for it is shaping and conforming the soul to have a well formed conscience. Merely physical human gestures do not bring us to a higher understanding of oneself. Scruton offered a great quote “ Usefulness first, you lose it, beauty first and it will be useful forever.

Children are the greatest commodity we have and those who are left to instruct the young have the

 highest amount of responsibility. 
Children have spiritual needs and not just scientific needs. Their innocence and thirst for beauty and love is clear in their speech and artwork.

Clayton Richard Long

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

A time to reflect on the Passion and the death of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the beginning of the penitential season of Lent. This is a time where we turn to the Lord and remember that from dust we came and from dust we will return.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Shahbaz Bhatti

The minister for minorities in Pakistan was assassinated earlier this week. Because I was held up in a hospital bed I haven't had a chance to put finger to keypad. Imagine if our self described Catholic politicians were as brave as this man , how different would North America be?

Mr. Bhatti thank you for your courage and I will say an ave for your soul.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Heart Surgery

Yesterday I came into St.Paul's hospital for a 3 hr surgery. It turned into a 5 hour ordeal. I was having my old leads extracted x2. Plus a new ICD implanted. They use a laser to do this , so the risk is that the "laser" burns your heart or another organ. So needless to say the surgeons need steady hands.

I was moved out of the ICU today and into a ward bed and across the hall they have a computer room!. Times sure have changed.

I will have to look into how I can get higher volume of followers on my blog. Any ideas?