Thursday, November 28, 2019

Was Vancouver FSSP Priest Removed Because Of This Sermon?

"The Thorns of Idolatry"

I have the file downloaded in the event the main link gets deleted. Here is the link for now.

The mention of the name of Francis begins at 15:22
Total Length 25:35

“Francis is (like) a thorn than has pierced the sacred head of our Lord."

Fr. Fromageot was given a "surprising" exit from Holy Family Parish in Vancouver. Was it because of this sermon? 

Here are the words of Fr.Geddes to the Parish after the news broke.

"Fr. Fromageot will be transferred to the United States this week and therefore today is his last Sunday at Holy Family.As much as this comes as a surprise and disappointment to us, let us keep in mind that we priests serve the needs of the Fraternity. We also promise obedience to our superiors and sometimes this comes at the expense of our desires.”

Parish Priest "Slams" Parishioner from Pulpit

Fr.Daniel Geddes FSSP, Assistant Superior General. Click on link below to hear full sermon.