Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Parish Priest "Slams" Parishioner from Pulpit

Fr.Daniel Geddes FSSP, Assistant Superior General.

Click on link below to hear full sermon.

Father Geddes gave a sermon on Dec. 01, 2019 (twice) (9am , 12pm) attacking a parishioner, the author of this blog. Fr.Geddes "SLAMS" this author. The sermon is an attack on this writers character and was meant to embarrass and further destroy the reputation of this writer as he threatened he would do. 

The time stamps are from the sermon:

7:27 - refers to blog posting as rumour ( original post was a question not a statement )
8:25 - alludes to blog posting causing distress to FSSP parishioners in Little Rock Arkansas
9:00 - "I investigated it" ( breaks policy )
9:55 - Then brought to the attention of Archdiocese of Vancouver, Fr.Fromageot "leaves" Vancouver before Archbishop Miller even knows... ?

10:38 - Warned author of blog Momentum Veritatis to take posting down
10:54 - Accuses author of refusing to take down blog post (FALSE)
11:04 - Claims he informed author of blog why Fr.Fromageot was removed (FALSE only after 3rd telephone message was the "safe environment policy" mentioned)
11:08 - Accuses blog author of spreading "slander"
13:18 - "He's hiding something from us"
13:45 - Refers to this blog author as (a) "FALSE CHRIST & FALSE PROPHET"
13:55 - "I'm sorry some of you were deceived by a lie"    "...websites are making Father out to be a great hero and martyr"  ( Which websites? I couldn't find any)

In the end Fr.Geddes claims that the author of this blog has "defamed Holy Family, FSSP, Archdiocese of Vancouver and the Diocese of Little Rock Arkansas"

What Fr.Geddes said about me was calumny, then Fr.Geddes turned around and said Mass.


Anonymous said...

If he has a beef, write an essay for the bulletin. Taking it to the pulpit?

Anonymous said...

Father Geddes warned the person that writes this blog and the blog owner ignored Father. Here is Father's comment from December 3, 2019
Fr Geddes said...

I asked you to remove your article by Sunday. I told you why Fr Fromageot left- broke Safe Environment policy and it was not because of the sermon. I told you if you didn’t remove your article by Sunday that I would have to mention it from the pulpit. I told if you took it down, I would not mention anything about the blog. You refused to take it down even though I told you the truth and therefore I followed through for the public good. Had you not posted your article encouraging the spread of misinformation, the real reason as to why Fr Fromageot had left would not have been revealed. You damaged Fr Fromageot in attempting to make him out as a hero. You were duly warned and could have easily taken down the article.

Your conclusion is wrong and does injustice to those whom he has harmed.
December 3, 2019 at 5:05 AM

My opinion is that the blog owner is at fault. Is the blog owner trying to pick off the priests, one by one?

Anonymous said...

"Fr. Fromageot was given a "surprising" exit from Holy Family Parish in Vancouver. Was it because of this sermon?"

It's a yes or no question. It certainly did not warrant a public character assassination before an entire congregation.

Vancouver got its hands caught in the cookie jar. They are using the author of a simple question as a scapegoat for their lack of transparency and shady tactics regarding a priest transfer. Possibly the priest is a scapegoat as well.

What did the priest do to warrant the transfer? Initially nothing was disclosed. Then it's a safe environment violation. In other words mislead as a first option, then use broad code words like "safe environment" as option two. All the while never actually disclose what he purportedly did.

Either the priest is bad and they tried to cover it up by transferring him out under the radar. Business as usual. Or they drummed up the charges after the fact as a pretext for getting rid of him.

Either way, Vancouver leadership is rotten.

The author of the blog should say little and hire an attorney. The homily slander was outrageous. Go to civil court and seek monetary damages. That's all these clowns understand. If you don't then they just will have gotten away with it and continue to act badly in the shadows. They have no honor. They should not be in positions of leadership. Be thankful you have access to some civil authority which provides some corrective measures to their otherwise unrestrained hubris. In the real world people get fired for what they are doing. In the church, they get promoted. Hire an attorney.

Anonymous said...

"Had you not posted your article encouraging the spread of misinformation, the real reason as to why Fr Fromageot had left would not have been revealed."

Let that sink in, folks.

The priest called him trying to cover up a lie, "the real reason" in a private conversation. The priest blamed him for being the cause of the problem. Gaslighting. The priest then publicly persecuted him for failure to comply. That is 100% public slander with premeditated intent and motive to defame.

Cover ups. Lies. Threats. Attacks. And the priest thinks he's doing it for the public good. What a piece of work.

Great job exposing this corruption MV.

Anonymous said...

“For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.”

Money damages? Will that really solve the problem friend?

Anonymous said...

Imagine the list of possible defendants: priest, parish, diocese, order, bishop, head of order, - each possibly liable, jointly and/or severally. Imagine the possible multiple 'causes of action' - Lawyer's dream. Settle with one and go on down the line. If you let them smack you down, they will do it again and again as they have for so long.

Anonymous said...

My friend, I couldn't agree with you more. The wrath coming from the man in the pulpit against a member of the laity for declining to be complicit in multiple acts of wrongdoing by at least two priests in the Catholic Church, was not in accordance with the righteousness of God.

Money damages may not keep the offending priest from committing further acts of public slander, but it will certainly give him pause to think twice before doing it again. And if it happens again, then rinse, lather and repeat until it stops. It's civilized and corrective and provides a measure of justice. Also, lawsuits tend to gain the attention of news services which name the parties involved and what was alleged to have happened. Those articles get tagged by search engines and make them easily accessible on the internet. This has the effect of shining a light on accomplices that have covered up things in the Church and it holds the original purpotrators publicly accountable as well. No matter where the priests are transferred, from that point forward the public is informed by a free press and a justice system as opposed to having a bad priest covertly inserted into an unsuspecting community by corrupt church officials in another country. So it helps solve the potential problem of repeat offenders as well. All with no wrath involved.

Anonymous said...

If the FSSP does not provide a new Pastor (hopefully a true one) the pews at this parish will be empty in a matter of weeks.

This situation is so sad. MV, you are a new hero of mine, exposing this horrific corruption. That sermon of Fr Geddes is a real jewel, ha! Everybody needs to download a copy of it. And this is a superior? Seems like it is way past time to clean house.

Anonymous said...

A sad and sick situation. Smells like a cover up.

Anonymous said...

This is a cover up by the FSSP, a true scandal. The parish priest took out his weak anger on the blogger. What kind of a pastor would do that? A fake pastor thats who, one who only uses people, uses them, abuses them and then toss them into the trash. Will these priests never learn. FSSP cover up and RCAV is going along with it. So pathetic. Clean house

Covied Bryan said...

To all the anonymous posters out there, The pews have been emptied out in a few weeks (as one prophesied). A few prayed to “clean house”. Pray for the person who decided to eat a bat instead of roast pork during the Advent Season. Made all your wishes come true.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a real charmer this one. Roman Church is filled with cover-up-commrades.

Anonymous said...

I wish there was more information about Fr. Fromageot, about his departure, perhaps exactly what aspect of the policy he violated, etc. The FSSP needs to be transparent in these cases. Parents are worried about their children.

Parish Priest "Slams" Parishioner from Pulpit

Fr.Daniel Geddes FSSP, Assistant Superior General. Click on link below to hear full sermon.