Friday, May 19, 2017

Canadian Bishops Get Humble Over Baby Killer Trudeau

What else is new. Let the Mercy Flow......See how Humble we are......we are united.....Dialogue......Schwifty....something...something...more Mercy.....Recyclable Mercy.

Canadian Primate Cardinal Lacroix, Cardinal Collins of Toronto and the papal nuncio Archbishop Luigi Bonazzi were all there. Trudeau....a fake Catholic loves his communion....gotta get it......right from the hand of Archbishop Lepine.



Yesterday. May.17/2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Vancouver Rejects Vatican Perverts

Men still exist in the Knights of Columbus, and some of those good men are in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The Knights of Columbus, Fr.Kenneth Walker Council (#16076) based out of Holy Family Parish (FSSP) has openly condemned the new Perverted brainwashing program called “The Meeting Point” (no link because….well…it’s garbage).  “The Meeting Point”
is a product of the Pontifical Council for the Family.

Excerpt from the Critique:

"The Meeting Point does not incorporate Church teaching on sexual education and is harmful to children in its violations of Catholic morality. The curriculum’s use of explicit words and images, its capitulation to secular morality, its failure to instruct on the nature and effect of sin, and its derogation of the role of parents in the formation of their children make this document totally unacceptable. The Knights of Columbus Fr Kenneth Walker Council #16076 strongly condemns this curriculum and cannot recommend it. We reject this collection of documents in toto and vociferously condemn the offensive material it contains.”

Please read the document that the council has published,

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spineless Phoney Pathetic CINO on Full Display

This is Andrew Sheer running for the head of Conservative Party in Canada, to be the next Prime Minister.

Wow!...This guy is really pathetic. Can't give a yes or no answer. This guy is a member of the Knights of Malta? is that right? Would he grovel and give answers like this to our Lord?

Andrew are a disgrace, get some Catholic Conviction and then get back to us.


Parish Priest "Slams" Parishioner from Pulpit

Fr.Daniel Geddes FSSP, Assistant Superior General. Click on link below to hear full sermon.