Friday, August 23, 2013

Christian Art at The Getty Center

The Getty Center  in Brentwood, Los Angeles

 Saint Margaret - circa 1420-1430
Here Saint Margaret is shown holding the chains of a beaten and subdues dragon while she blesses the donor's coat of arms.

The Nativity circa 1420-1422
Gentile da Fabriano

Images of Christ in the Liturgy circa 400

Christ in Majesty around 1188

The Mass of Saint Gregory the Great around 1510 - 1550
Adriaen Ysenbrandt

Saint Cyricus ( Child Martyr) around 1470 - 1480
Francesco Laurana

Virgin and Child around 1520-1525
Andrea Briosco

The Virgin and Saint John 1420

The Penitent Magdalene 1560's
Titian ( Tiziano Vecellio)

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