Thursday, January 19, 2017

Told You So

From the internet, too good not to share.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Merciful Bouncer

Everyone has experienced this to some degree. You go to a club or a bar/pub for a night out and there is bound to be security. Usually…Usually there are floor men or velvet rope men depending on the size of the establishment.

 If you ever have any interaction with any of these men, positive or negative you will get a certain vibe from them. You can feel radiating it from them like an outward shield, the sense that they LOVE POWER.

They love the idea of being in control of who gets to come in or who is not allowed into THE CLUB. They also love the fact that they have the POWER…the RIGHT…to MANHANDLE…or use FORCE to get what they want.

Of course of lot of these guys are juice monkeys and hopped up on Roids. Let’s face it, none of these guys are very bright…..sure some might be, in fact I knew a guy when I was 19 who worked part time as a bouncer and now he is a doctor, but I can tell you…..he still LOVES HIS POWER.

It comes with the territory. Deciding who gets to be in and who gets thrown out. Bouncer’s always take bribes, even a small one…they love to see people grovel…they love to see the fear. A bouncer loves to Humiliate people…..and they always let their ‘friends’ in….you know……. the ones that will watch their back. They quickly develop the mentality of the club being THEIR CLUB…..a bouncer will convince himself, this is MY CLUB…if you want in…play by my rules, even if he is not the owner of the club.

The men that choose these professions do so for a reason, even if later in life they go on to do something else…like a doctor, lawyer……a PRIEST. But that natural POWER instinct….they cannot shake it. 

And yet…probably 80% of a club’s patron’s would think “those bouncers are such great guys”

I have traveled to several countries and been in hundreds of bars/pubs around the world and all the bouncers are the same, I wouldn’t expect it to be any different in Buenos Aires.